Accepted Papers for Track A – Full Paper

  • Matthew R. Lakin and Andrew Phillips. Automated, constraint-based analysis of tethered DNA nanostructures
  • Bjarke N. Hansen, Kim S. Larsen, Daniel Merkle and Alexei Mihalchuk. DNA-Templated Synthesis Optimization
  • Yo-Sub Han and Hwee Kim. Ruleset Optimization on Isomorphic Oritatami Systems
  • Abdulmelik Mohammed and Mustafa Hajij. Unknotted Strand Routings of Triangulated Meshes
  • Boya Wang, Chris Thachuk, Andrew Ellington and David Soloveichik. The design space of strand displacement cascades with toehold-size clamps
  • Muppirala Viswa Virinchi, Abhishek Behera and Manoj Gopalkrishnan. A stochastic molecular scheme for an artifical cell to infer its environment from partial observations
  • Robert Schweller, Andrew Winslow and Tim Wylie. Complexities for High-Temperature Two-Handed Tile Self-Assembly
  • Sherry Xi Chen and Georg Seelig. A DNA neural network constructed from molecular variable gain amplifiers
  • Marta Andrés Arroyo, Sarah Cannon, Joshua J. Daymude, Dana Randall and Andréa W. Richa. A Stochastic Approach to Shortcut Bridging in Programmable Matter
  • Yen-Ru Chin, Jui-Ting Tsai and Ho-Lin Chen. A Minimal Requirement for Self-Assembly of Lines in Polylogarithmic Time
  • Dan Alistarh, Bartłomiej Dudek, Adrian Kosowski, Daivid Soloveichik and Przemysław Uznański. Robust Detection in Leak-Prone Population Protocols
  • Sedigheh Zolaktaf, Frits Dannenberg, Xander Rudelis, Anne Condon, Joseph M Schaeffer, Mark Schmidt, Chris Thachuk and Erik Winfree. Inferring Parameters for an Elementary Step Model of DNA Structure Kinetics with Locally Context-Dependent Arrhenius Rates
  • Monir Hajiaghayi, Anne Condon, David Kirkpatrick and Jan Manuch. Simplifying Analyses of Chemical Reaction Networks for Approximate Majority
  • William Poole, Andres Ortiz-Munoz, Abhishek Behera, Nick Jones, Thomas Ouldridge, Erik Winfree and Manoj Gopalkrishnan. Chemical Boltzmann Machines
  • Stefan Badelt, Seung Woo Shin, Robert F. Johnson, Qing Dong, Chris Thachuk and Erik Winfree. A general-purpose CRN-to-DSD compiler with formal verification, optimization, and simulation capabilities.
  • David Doty, Trent Rogers, David Soloveichik, Chris Thachuk and Damien Woods. Thermodynamic Binding Networks

Accepted Papers for Track B – One-Page Abstract

  • Dongsheng Liu. Two-dimensional assembly of amphiphilic molecules into free-floating nanosheets with tailored size and shape
  • Jocelyn Kishi, Thomas Schaus, Nikhil Gopalkrishnan, Feng Xuan and Peng Yin. Programmable autonomous synthesis of single-stranded DNA
  • Cheulhee Jung, Peter Allen and Andrew Ellington. A simple, cleated DNA walker that hangs on to surfaces
  • Anna J Simon, Arti Pothukuchy, Jillian Gerberich, Janelle Leggere, Jimmy Golihar, Cheulhee Jung, David Taylor and Andrew Ellington. Supercharging enables tunable hierarchical assembly of synthetic proteins
  • Antoine Bader and Scott Cockroft. Enhancing the fidelity of toehold-sequestered nucleic acid devices
  • Sifang Chen and Georg Seelig. Programmable DNA pattern formation
  • Sundipta Rao, Yuan-Jyue Chen and Georg Seelig. Next generation plasmid-derived DNA gates with quantitatively controlled kinetics
  • Damien Woods, David Doty, Cameron Myhrvold, Joy Hui, Felix Zhou, Peng Yin and Erik Winfree. Iterated Boolean circuit computation via a programmable DNA tile array


Accepted Track C Poster and “breaking news” talks are still to be decided.